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09 August 2005 @ 06:59 pm
Avon calling!  
In today's episode entitled "Things I Drool Over but Ultimately Know I'll Never Actually Get", I take a look at some things that, well, I tend to drool over because they just are pretty darn cool even though I don't expect that I'll ever actually purchase any of them.

This would be hella cool and it would actually force me to finally get a DVD drive for my computer.

Ok, really that's the only thing I've got...now you can see why I've never made it as a network tv pitchman...

Me: "What I see is this great show that's sort-of a cross between Lost and Desperate Housewives with a little bit of Veronica Mars meets House mixed in."

Suit: "I love it!"

M: "And the best part is, it's only one episode!"
S: *blank stare*
S: "Next!"

There are, however, other things I've recently come across on that Internet thingy that I feel I must share...and I promise there will be more than one!

  • A few baby posts that made me chuckle...The first is from Julie with a list entitled A few notes to makers of infant clothing. The second is from Mr. Nice Guy who gives a listing of some things his daughter does that are apparently normal. I can verify that Aeryn does many of these.

  • I'm really enjoying reading the RSS feed from The Huffington Post. Always something to make me think and usually something to make me laugh. These three posts were ones I had bookmarked for one reason or another.

  • Many Cats Unaffected by Catnip. I find this very disturbing. If I can't count on catnip turning any and all cats into drugged furballs unable to put one paw in front of the other, than what I can I believe in? WHAT?

  • Audioscrobbler has finally finished their update and can now be found at last.fm. If you're not using this for your music, you should be. They've got plugins for just about everything and it's nice to be able to keep track of what you're listening to in addition to finding new artists you might be interested in. My profile is here.

  • On a final note, is it sooooo hard for Amazon to understand that if I own a book in paperback, it makes no sense to list the hardback version as a "recommendation" and vice versa? Also, if I've added something to my wish list, it makes equally little sense to add that item to your list of "recommendations" for me. Clearly I recommend it, otherwise I wouldn't have put it on my wish list!

and I'm out.
Strigoistrigoi on August 12th, 2005 12:05 am (UTC)
Oh really?! ;-)

You're such a tease.

So how have y'all been? The little woman been keeping you out of trouble? The little nipper been keeping you both outa trouble? :)

*hugs all 'round*